Preliminary Indoor Athletics Calender Winter 2015/2016

De Borlees


05/12 Athletics meeting Eendracht Aalst
12/12 KAAG Youth Athletics Meeting
19/12 Athletics Meeting VITA
26/12 Athletics Christmas Meeting Racing Gent


02/01 Cedric Van Branteghem Athletics Meeting STAX
09/01 P.K. Indoor East- and West- Flanders - Limburg
10/01 P.K. Indoor Antwerp – Vlaams-Brabant
16/01 Athletics Meeting Vlierzele Sportief
23/01 Championship LBFA Indoor for Cadets & Pupils
24/01 Championship VAL Indoor for Cadets & Pupils
30/01 Championship LBFA Indoor for all categories
31/01 ChampionshipVAL Indoor for all categories
05/02 Belgian Championships Indoor Athletics Students
6-7/02 Belgian (+VAL + LBFA) Championships Indoor Athletics pentathlon, decathlon and heptathlon
13/02 IFAM Indoor + BC 4x200m
14/02 Athletics meeting KAAG youth estafette + restricted programme 20/02 Belgian Championships Indoor Athletics for all categories
27/02 Belgian Championships Indoor Athletics for Juniors & Promises 28/02 Belgian Championships Indoor Athletics for Cadets & Pupils
05/03 Athletics closing meeting Racing Gent 12/03 Belgian (+ Provincial) Championships Indoor Athletics for Masters
13/03 Brussels Championships Indoor Athletics
19/03 VAL Youth Day
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FIT-Challenge: Delhaize TOP-team wins silver in breathtaking finals

Fit challenge Delhaize
In the finals we saw the 8 best national teams performing. The teams were composed of the best juniors and seniors of the qualifications. In regard of the preparations for the WC in Glasgow and the Olympic Games in Rio, top countries such as Brasil, Germany and France chose to participate in this competition. Because of its unique formula, this was an ideal opportunity to present new gym talent and to gather experience for these important competions. The Belgian gym team won the silver. The gold was for germany, Brasi/Italy took bronze. Check the results of the finals.
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Calant Cup Judo 2014

Calant Cup judo 2014
On 22 and 23 November, the Flanders Sports Arena was filled with men and women dressed in white. The Judo Callant Cup and national interclub was a highly exciting event in which different judo clubs challenge each other. In the first ladies series the golden medal was for Antwerpen United Judo. In the male competition, JC Koksijde won gold. It was a fantastic weekend and every match was a feast for the eyes.
published on Tuesday, December 02, 2014

BC Students indoor athletics

This year, the Open Belgian Students Championship indoor athletics 2014/2015 takes place on February 6, 2015. The registrations for the 10th edition have already started, sponsors have been found and scripts are being written. Of course the regular partners BUSF, VSSF, ASEUS and RCGent are in again. We expect a record number of students participating for this 10th anniversary. Students enroll for free at Supporters have free access to the competition.
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Midwinter night run Ghent at 21 of December 2014

picture of Ghent by night in winter
This year, guarantees another super attractive midwinter night run. The run starts at the Vrijdagmarkt and is held for the benefit of UNICEF. Runners can choose between a 5 or 10 kilometer course. On a white carpet of snow you run through the streets adorned with Christmas decorations and with a diversity of musical arrangements. Topped up with a dark sky and Ghents typical cosy atmosphere, this midwinter night run will be an unforgettable experience.
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